vintage recipes that stir the senses & soothe the soul

Let us break bread. In a throw-back, old-school and no-doubt mouth watering manner, I invite you on journey back in culinary time. With an untethered love of whole foods and natural ingredients I am beginning  at the end, and the end is now. These tried, tested and truly vintage recipes that have survived extinction and made their way into my repertoire of weekly go to meals. The basics and the staples otherwise regarded as the GOOD. If you are searching out some soul-sucking, butter and fat free recipes – this is your cue to quietly keep searching. If, however; your brand of particular tea and cookie is what your great-grandmother was drinking, eating and why… then please, be welcomed to the mothership of flavors and techniques of old. Recipes that may require more time but will no doubt revive the exquisite beauty of a well prepared meal paired with friends and family gathered around the table. Allow the merriment to ensue. 

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