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Adventures in Good Cooking and The Art of Carving in the Home, by Duncan Hines

“Tested recipes of unusual dishes from America’s favorite eating places.” I am lucky enough to have the 1953 version or the 25th printing out of Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Mr. Hines (March 26, 1880- March 15,1959) was born in Kentucky to a father who was a confederate soldier. Because his mother died while at such a young age, Duncan was raised by his grandmother. This fun fact I like to imagine is exactly why he was so accomplished in the kitchen. Coupled with his early career in writing it wouldn’t have taken a soothsayer to predict his wild success. More than just a name on the adult-easy-bake-mix we are all accused of succumbing to on occasion, this man was molded by his grandmother  – therefore breaking all barriers of his and her cooking approaches. Ground breaking, well; to me anyhow. DSCN5660

As luck would have it, Mr. Hines was known for visiting the Midwest during the final years of his life and thanks to the bibliophile gods, my copy is signed. A most glorious treasure indeed! Not a coffee ring, smudge or stain exists in this beautiful and delicious antiquity. I am SO careful when I use it. Any ideas on how many of these are out there would be welcomed, however! DSCN5659

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