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The Grapefruit Spoon: Spawner of the Spork

The grapefruit spoon is one of some 50+ varieties of spoons in existence. With the first spoon appearing as early as 1000 BC, the evolution of this utensil is expansive. Known for  being the cutlery of choice with royalty, its popularity grew quickly.  Dessert, tea, melon, measuring, table, wooden and so forth and so on. Spoons have cornered the market with their usefulness. The spork is no doubt the asshole plastic stepchild of the grapefruit spoon, but I digress.  Made of various materials before silver became the standard, one might have experienced eating with a spoon made of rock, clay or even ivory. No matter the composition, eating with a spoon was a display of wealth. Depending on how fancy the spoon was directly communicated how ostentatious a display of wealth the host was going for.

A staple in my grandmother’s kitchen as they were hugely popular in the 1970’s, she had several sets with slightly different shaped tips with various sized spikes. I remember the smell of coffee brewing while slices of thick ham fried on the stove.  A beautiful bouquet of breakfast smells filled her household. The squirting, crushing sound of the spiked spoon ripping into the fleshy fruit and spilling its juices was the soundtrack.


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