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The Golden Egg: Not Just For Varuca Salt

Any good recipe begins with farm fresh eggs. Various types of fowl laid eggs have been a diet staple since the dawn of time. The perfect food. The good egg. We die them, boil them and for fuck’s sake who can bake a cake without them? Well, let me rephrase – a very delicious cake. The fresher the egg the better, for poaching to baking you can never beat the freshness of farm to taste bud eggs.

An excellent source of protein and natural fats from the yolk, the egg is almost a perfect food with how it provides many daily servings of vital nutrients your body needs.It is as vintage as dare I say eating itself. I am deliberately leaving out the bad aspects of the egg including salmonella, cholesterol and whatever else who might perceive as being a bad aspect. As for adding a bonus, as I type this now my long hair is wrapped in a bun soaking in a combination of egg and olive oil. Hey, you just can’t beat the natural healing effects of this super food.

The beauty of the deviled is egg is one to behold. To describe the taste to a martian would be impossible. The degree to which we can change the egg’s texture and consistency is truly magnificent. I am clearly geeking out about the egg.

I am 1/8 Lakota Sioux Native American. I have a memory from a pow-wow that I visited in my home nation in Nebraska. There, under an old tree near the Indian Center they would come in annually to perform the circle dance and various other rituals. Not surprisingly, the Western ways influence even this most sacred event. Fry bread dripping with sugary honey, soft drinks and overly processed snacks are everywhere. As I walked the circle, soaking up the spiritual energy wafting off the elders like fairy dust I noticed a beautiful young man walking shirtless doing as I was. He was a gorgeous native pure blood walking as I was while peacefully praying for mankind’s health as he peeled and ate a hard boiled egg.

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