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Boiled Peanuts Make F*cking Great Peanut Butter!

Get your snack on with this Southern Goober Pea. Or is it country caviar? actually, this is a treat that you will find in several areas around the globe and referred to as many things. South America, Africa, India and Thailand all consider this a staple street food.

During the Civil War, when animal protein was scarce soldiers were known to boil peanuts over the campfire. Adding salt for preservation and flavor. These healthy treats definitely got them through the lean times.

Here’s to hoping you have a hell of a lot of time on your hands. Burled-P-nuts will suck three hours out of your life, unless you feel comfortable leaving a boiling pot unattended. Holy hell. Three full  hours? Why bother? For starters, the boiled peanut has FOUR times the antioxidants that its non-boiled counterpart. I will state that again, four times. This miraculous makeover is made possible by the extracted nutrients from the shell flowing back into the nut when you bring on the heat.

Adding coveted Cajun seasonings or even a can of suds (beer or soda) can lend a ton of flavor to the outcome. Terrific when eaten warm and preferably not on the battlefield. Although love is a battlefield…I digress.

Boiled Peanuts:

Raw In Shell Peanuts

Seasonings of Choice


*include soaking time, overnight depending on the dryness

*crockpots (slow cookers) are welcome: turn it on and walk away – I tested this out,   worked beautifully).

*keep the finished product in the fridge, they will get mushy if left out on the counter

Ready to shell and smash those tasty nuts into something beautiful? Read ahead.


Homemade Peanut Butter:

Shell the above boiled peanuts and combine in a food processor with honey until smooth and at desired consistency. Yes, it is truly that simple. Toss a pinch of course sea salt in there. I cover mine with wax paper and it is good in the fridge for about a week.


Happy Halloween Month!


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