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Hallelujah! Heavenly Tahini: A Godly Ingredient In The Beloved Hummus


Anyone who loves hummus probably knows that tahini is one of the very few ingredients required to make it. The taste is delicious. Toasting the sesame seeds adds a depth to the flavor. Feel free to season accordingly during the process. Sometimes a fun seasoning surprise can take a raw ingredient to that next level. I have a smoked spanish paprika I like to pull out on rare occasions like these. Fuck around with it until you find what works for you. Have fun!


Roasted Sesame Seeds with olive oil, salt and pepper (or whatever tickles your fancy)

Olive oil, add to desired consistency for paste

*crush together with mortar & pestle, or use a food processor for a less rustic more evenly smooth textured final product

*Puree the chickpeas and add lemon juice, garlic and olive oil – now  you have hummus, enjoy!


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