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You Can’t Beat These Beet Chips

Billed as one of the healthiest foods, the garden grown beet is a beautiful thing. A fan of antioxidants, I love that beets contain a natural anti-inflammatory called betanin which helps provide that deep red color. This is cooked out if you roast them too long, so keep the nutrients in and the cooking time under one hour. These wonder roots have long exhibited several important health benefits ever since they have been studied. With so many ways of preparing theses beauties, I went with my favorite. Easily prepared these beet chips are delicious and healthy to snack on. Watch out SNF, this might be a game changer.

Shaving the beet as thin as possible will cause it to curl upon baking and the end result is simply gorgeous.

Beet Chips:

thinly shaved fresh beet

sea salt




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