Author: Tracy S. Garrett

Baking Amid ‘Caps Popping’: Sheriff Normand Starring in (Spiced Chocolate) Fruit Cake

The Big Easy comes with a certain amount of home-spun drama that seems locally sourced and without end. This week road rage and ego-driven childish behavior senselessly claimed the life of local football hero Joe McKnight. The all too familiar scene of crime on the streets of New Orleans. A sad loss for everyone and as a community were are still trying to wrap our collective heads around the tragedy. The unrest in the ‘Easiest of Bigs’ is so high right now. Our community leaders are crumbling under the pressure and the citizens are peacefully protesting themselves into a frenzy of misunderstanding and discontent. During times of stress, we all need calm reassurances – it’s what makes us human. When Sheriff Normand took live to the air during the news conference this week, he did just the opposite. He lost his shit in a very public foul-mouthed rant that surprised even moi.  His behavior reminded me how under stress you can either crumble or you can be calm despite your fear. Inspired by a man who failed to find …

Whipped Cashew Cream, My Newest Luxury Condiment Obsession

GP featured it in her latest book of yummy eats, It’s All Easy. It has been available on snazzy connoisseur deli shelves with the sadly added preservatives for years. Easily whipped up after the soaking process, this version is a simple and wholesome delight. An accoutrement with endless creative options or with fresh fruit as a dessert plate this recipe impresses me every time. I use Jacobson Sea Salt (based in Oregon) as my constant companion in the kitchen, I never would advise using sugary fake syrup – invest in the real deal or use a suitable substitute  and enjoy this new way of savoring the cashew. Cheers! Whipped Cashew Cream 8 oz unsalted cashews, soaked in water for several hours to soften pinch of course sea salt 1/2 water 1 tablespoon real maple syrup, or agave nectar small dash of pure vanilla extract *Blending until smooth and achieving the desired amount of whipped-ness, refrigerate.

The French 75: Heaven With A Twist of Lemon

Louis Armstrong sings about a lady going to his head like the bubbles in Champagne. The truth serum of all spirits is likely the bubbles. I, like Satchmo; adore the lovely tipsy state this elixir induces. Good with brunch or dinner, I have yet to see someone act ugly on a good bottle of Moet. *jinx*   French 75 2 oz gin (I prefer Hendrick’s) 1 sugar cube freshly squeezed lemon juice to  taste fill the rest of the flute with your favorite Champagne garnish with a lemon peel spiral, and rub the rim with a lemon wedge CHEERS!