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The French 75: Heaven With A Twist of Lemon

Louis Armstrong sings about a lady going to his head like the bubbles in Champagne. The truth serum of all spirits is likely the bubbles. I, like Satchmo; adore the lovely tipsy state this elixir induces. Good with brunch or dinner, I have yet to see someone act ugly on a good bottle of Moet. *jinx*   French 75 2 oz gin (I prefer Hendrick’s) 1 sugar cube freshly squeezed lemon juice to  taste fill the rest of the flute with your favorite Champagne garnish with a lemon peel spiral, and rub the rim with a lemon wedge CHEERS!  

Gin and It: A Cocktail of the Gilded Age

Gin and It 3 parts gin 1 part Italian sweet vermouth a dash of your favorite bitters (traditionally orange is used) *serve with shaken and strained through ice into a chilled glass Imagine a pre-prohibition America. A more simple time in the world than we know it to be today. Quiet, picturesque landscapes free from power lines and paved roads. It was the Gilded Age.  Thomas Edison had invented the first version of a move camera. Conflicts with the Native American’s continued to be fought in the plains. It was a time when tensions were high, a moment ripe for the American craft cocktail to have taken shape. The IT being short for Italian, this classic drink was a staple most everywhere liquor was slung. Whether gin has its origin is Holland in the 1700’s or in Italy as some rumors suggest, it is certainly the star of the oldest version of a martini. The Italian sweet vermouth makes this whistle wetter different from most versions which feature dry vermouth. Traditionally served without ice, the chilled glass is a delightfully nice …